Baseball Recruiters’ commitment to each and every ballplayer and their families, is to provide only the highest level of professional service. We do not and will not cut corners to make our jobs easier. Our entire staff, whether it be Operations, Development or Administration, was hired because of their professional knowledge, professional experience and willingness to work above and beyond to achieve your satisfaction and approval.

Working as one team towards one goal contributing to the betterment of society by developing valuable relationships, life skills, and a work ethic allowing continual improvement through our true national pastime: the great game of baseball.

Building NOT the desire to compete rather building competitors that can compete at any level while displaying the true meaning of sportsmanship.

One Sport, One Passion, One Goal
College Baseball Recruiting Specialists with the Desire and Passion to work hard in providing Prospective Collegiate Baseball Players the opportunity to become a Collegiate Student Athlete.
The greatest pleasure since launching this organization has been the comradery and relationships gained throughout North America. Seeing and experiencing the passion and Love for Baseball and having the privilege of helping the youth of our sport has allowed the vision for which motivated the creation of Baseball Recruiters to come true.



Raised on a farm in Frankton, Indiana, Jeff Benefiel knew from a very early age that baseball would be the passion of his life. With supportive parents he was given every opportunity to learn and play as much baseball as possible. This became evident as his skills allowed him to be a four-year starting catcher through High School with All-Conference honors; full scholarship honors at Mary Hardin Baylor and Pan American as their starting catcher with All-Conference honors.

When Jeff decided to hang up his spikes, he then focused on staying in the game by scouting and coaching. He first scouted with the Cincinnati Reds, for very highly respected scout Gene Bennett, as an associate and later scouted with the Tampa Bay Rays organization.

In 1994 Jeff Benefiel founded and coached an elite baseball organization, Indiana Redbirds, where he was an inspiration to his players. Redbirds players worked on their baseball talent and knowledge for the game.  He provided them guidance and support to play at the next level. As a player with the Indiana Redbirds, Franco Dattilo states:“Coach Benefiel was one of the few coaches who mastered the art of taking his players’ talent and work ethic to drive them and help them maximize their talents by maximizing their work ethic to be the best they can be.”Josh Khoury, another Indiana Redbirds player, was thankful for Coach Benefiel’s input. Josh wrote: “I ultimately accepted a scholarship from another Division I school largely due to Jeff’s guidance and influence. But mostly due to the culture he created around all of us. The culture of caring.”Jeff had a philosophy, “get your mind right“, then progress can be achieved. That philosophy has proved to be successful throughout Jeff’s career. 

Jeff Benefiel has also spent many, many thousands of hours working with and coaching baseball players. Jeffl states that “I pretty much have a constant fire going when it comes to baseball, but when I look into a young ballplayer’s eyes and see passion, dedication and love for the game, that fire turns into an inferno and I will go to the ends of the earth to help that player reach his potential and/or dreams.” It is this love and dedication that drove the launching of Baseball Recruiters. It is his dream that every ballplayer out there will look at Baseball Recruiters and see the dedication and commitment we have for them. Every player’s needs will be met. Our job is to assure our players reach their potential and that takes commitment.