Player Video Evaluation


A very large percentage of ballplayers get frustrated when they do not feel they are getting the attention they should. It is possible they are getting attention, just not the kind they are looking for. Understanding what a coach is looking for, and interested in, is of the utmost importance. While nothing can replace an in person evaluation, a video can be evaluated to identify some weaknesses you may not be focused on. Send Baseball Recruiters your video and one of our Professional scouts will evaluate it. We will not only evaluate you, but also the video itself. You want to ensure that the video your are sending out to college coaches is one with effective information.

Baseball Recruiters will send you a very valuable report giving you insight of your current status. The Report is designed to identify areas that may be the cause you aren’t getting the attention you are looking for and give you some areas you may want to focus on for improving. Set yourself apart with an effective video and increase your chances of getting the attention you want. We want to help you reach your goals and objectives and to do so, we need to build a relationship with you. Your video will provide us with a little bit of information to initiate that relationship. Understanding is the first step in taking your game to the next level.

Next Steps

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– After receipt of your order, Player Services will notify a professional scout for review

– Player Services will schedule a video review appointment with you and the Scouting Department

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Ensuring the time and effort you put forth compiling your video and sending it out to college coaches and recruiters is time well spent and productive, a proper recruiting video can present yourself in a way that is appealing to those who will be watching. Understanding where you stand as a ball player can make the recruiting process less stressful by sending your recruiting information to the baseball program that best fits you. Check out our Elite Video Creation for information on how we can help.


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