Professional Player Evaluation


As there are Professors that educate in our Collegiate Institutions, a true and effective Evaluation can only come from those that have been trained to do so. Baseball Recruiters Evaluators have not only been trained, but trained by the very best. With our Evaluations comes a Report, not only on your current and future abilities, but also an education on continual improvement. Baseball Recruiters Evaluators are true scouts that have scouted and recruited at the highest level. Each scout has a tremendous passion to help you reach your goals and objectives as a person and student-athlete. Our Professional Scout will conduct an evaluation during a game and/or practice.

If you understand one thing, understand this…a TRUE Professional Evaluation, not only tells you where you currently stand as a baseball player, but will also project what your future potential can be as a baseball player. If you do not receive an OFP (Over-all Future Potential) from an evaluation, are you not defeating the purpose of the evaluation?

Showcase your baseball tools with those who have recruited at the top level. What better way to know where you stand and how to reach the next level than with those who have reached the highest level in baseball. Baseball Recruiters will coordinate and schedule an on-site evaluation. We Want You to Succeed as Much as You Do!!

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Knowing where you stand as a ballplayer is very important to your college recruiting endeavor. Time spent on colleges that meet your baseball and academic abilities is better than just sending your information out to everyone in hopes that a coach or recruiter will call. Your letters, emails, personal visits will be more effective with time spent reviewing schools and baseball programs that best fits YOU. Make your baseball recruiting package professional by adding our Elite Recruiting Video to your portfolio for college coaches and recruiters.


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